Dana Keith Film is a freelance Colorado Springs based production company specializing in video editing and video production. We provide solutions to businesses that increase brand awareness, promote products, and increase revenue. We help tell your story!

business owners and operators, love to increase productivity, and save time. Ready to celebrate success? We capture special events and we strive to execute your digital marketing plans. Do you have a product or service you would like to sell more of? Do you instantly think of a pain point you’ve been wanting to address? Consider the solution today! A great option that shows instant impact and permanent results for your business. The option to build your brand, seize the moment now, and create more revenue fast!

We understand the responsibility involved in deciding who to trust - with your business needs that is why we commit to providing a very easy process for you and always a great experience. We believe the opportunity to create solutions together is the highest level of honor as a company. We appreciate and cherish the opportunity to collaborate and create your project together. Any project we are involved in, we dedicate ourselves 110% to fulfilling the expectations set and going above and beyond to earn future business with you!

Servicing the Colorado Springs and Denver area, we provide high quality video production such as commercials, client testimonials, or any creative digital marketing needs. We’ve provided help with film production for Fortune 500 businesses like T-Mobile and we are Most widely known for helping Chef Brother Luck with both restaurants, Four by Brother Luck and Lucky Dumpling. We’ve helped community organizations like, The RISE Coalition, seal the funding for a local park that was close to $2 million dollar which impacted and benefited the community. We value the opportunity to help each and every business we work with! We hope to work with you soon!


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