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My name is Dana Keith. I created Dana Keith Film with the intent to leave a legacy. My story should be told about heart, grit, and guts. The heart to help when I didn’t know how. The grit to jump when I wasn’t sure I was ready. The guts to be original, be myself, and be unapologetically authentic. To allow myself the room to grow as a person, filmmaker, business owner, and as a father. To forever be a student and have the heart to never stop pursuing greatness.

I first picked up a camera with the desire to help a friend. This began and never stopped. Knowing that every time I worked on this craft I was bound to get better. My goal was to obtain more knowledge in the field and continue to chisel at this art. I became a student to everything I laid eyes on. Commercials are much more intriguing when the ads becomes your homework. Movies became lesson plans, studying the way characters are created and really the “art of storytelling.” My passion for video production has landed me opportunities, I never thought were possible. To each and every person who has helped along the way I say thank you. Our success would be nothing without each and every person who has contributed, supported, and who has also shared their story. To that I say thank you!


About Dana Keith Film

Our mission is to help tell your story! The power and courage to share your story is truly unmeasurable. The willingness to do so is nothing short of bravery. We believe in the power of your story. We also believe in the ripple effect that comes from doing so. Which is a core principle of which we are founded on. The eagerness to make a difference and simply help. one person at a time, one story at a time we began to see an impact. This impact was the difference that showed us a bigger purpose which in turn gave us hope with new meaning. New meaning that each story told is creating a never ending ripple effect for an individual person and also a business. This is why we exist. it is worth every bit of effort required to create film. This also inspired us to continue the journey. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service! Customer service that you would tell a friend about. Being the ultimate compliment that we are sincerely and very grateful for. Our mission with film and video production is far from a sprint. The marathon continues with us.


Partner with us! Every bit counts.


I often get asked, “how can I help you?” Truthfully I wasn’t ready to accept it.

You support me every time you watch the videos, embrace the brand, or purchase any merchandise. Which is really all I can ask for is the support. Thank you to each and every one of you.

If you desire to help more! This is where I hope to win your trust and pledge my dedication.

My ask here is “to ask.” We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. This idea is exactly why I fell in love with film. The ability to create. then turn around and your creation, at any moment, can make an impact. Not only for you but in someone else’s life! I’m a living testimony of this. Impact is forever. Proves to be true when I inspire someone who watches a video - then it returns inspiration back to me. The only issue I’m running into is - in order to help more - I need more help. An old African proverb reads - “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, bring a team.” I’ve learned through blood, sweat, and tears by dedicating many hours in the craft. that being in the trenches and learning every position required within video production will pay off. I’ve worked them all. Through trial and error and endless determination I’ve traveled thus far. No complaints on where I’m at either. I’m in no rush. Yet with any bit of sense or any hope to scale the business - I know the fact is I need a crew. A consistent one. Although working every position has great upside for leadership and the need of “checks and balances.” The downside unfortunately it is not beneficial towards my goals and ambitions. I’ve learned, studied, and failed and continued to invest back into the business.

which is how I am here today.

I’m dedicated to making this much bigger than I ever imagined.

truthfully It already is.

Any donation you make is GUARANTEED to be invested into the business and will allow us to continue to push the art. donations will be used to assist with total production value, production cost, and new equipment. Sincerely - every bit of help will lead to bigger projects, more volume, and better film.

Our entire journey has been founded on trial and error.

Embracing the idea of failing to success!

With that - we dedicate ourselves to growth, persistence, and excellence.

Thank you!

Dana Keith