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Dana Keith Vlog at the core is a Video Blog. this is my creative outlet documenting my journey!
you can find exclusive behind the scenes footage, unreleased content, and a glimpse of the madness.

This is raw and uncut. Edited but purely an avenue to release content.

an organic approach to video production.

My goal is to inspire someone not to quit. Instead to continue to persevere! I want to inspire someone to remain hopeful and to chase their dreams! NOW! in real time. I want to inspire someone to LOVE because we could use more of it. That’s my ask. Love more. Love you more.

my spirit is contagious and my intentions are known.

Welcome to the Dana Keith Vlog!

Where I document my journey and share my story.

Goooodmorning You Muthafukkas!

Dana Keith


I originally began hosting these videos on youtube -

I’ve currently been integrat them into facebook and Instagram.

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quit my corporate job. I QUIT!!

In this episode of the Dana Keith Vlog, I bring you along the journey of when I quit my job!!! As seen, I share the very last time I filmed for T-Mobile being on my 3 yr. anniversary with the company. A few days later i officially told the company I’ll be quitting. This is only the beginning of my journey and I’m excited for the future! Thank you to everyone supporting me along the way! I’m a full time videographer / entrepreneur running my own production company. I’ll take it.

Lucky Dumpling Soft Opening

In this episode of the Dana Keith Vlog, I take you on a personal journey with exclusive behind the scenes of the the “Friends and Family” soft opening - of a brand new Asian fusion restaurant, Lucky Dumpling! The is Chef Brother Luck’s little baby and we get to take one of the first glances of the shop!


Fail your way to success

In this episode of the Dana Keith Vlog, I talk about an idea we started with. Fail to success. I’m determined that everything that comes to us will be a product of failing to success. With a mindset like this you can’t fail. Instead we learn. We learn to get back up. We learn not to give up. We understand that perfection isn’t even real. You are.